School Management system

Simplifying School Operations

Student module

The cycle of every educational institute starts with the admission of the student because students are an integral part of the educational sector. The student module handles the admission queries followed by the registration of new students and then integrates the information about the students to other departments that tell the respective authority about the basic information as well as the track record of previous education of the student. Religion, Language, Occupation of parents, Class, Gender, etc are the types of information that are entered in this module. With time when more students get admission to your institute, the record will also get bigger but nothing to worry about if you are using a good CMS. The CMS will be able to handle the bigger record and will also generate a report of any student, any month, or even any year. The reports generation will have more options to make the picture of records more understandable and attractive for the end user by using functions like class-wise, subject-wise, gender-wise, and area-wise also.

Fees Management

This module helps in the simplification of fee management, generating the challan forms according to the students, then collecting them effectively without any mess in work. Moreover, notification alerts to the parents about fee installments and deadlines. In the end, the fees management module also provides the reports about fees in the required pattern like monthly, semi-annually, and annually. Parents have their bank accounts connected to the apps option provided to them where they can easily pay fees online without feeling any inconvenience of coming to campus or going to the bank.

Attendance management

This module has its importance because now a day’s parents are very much concerned to monitor that whether their children are attending the classes or not. To address this concern of parents and making the attendance procedure more convenient and transparent, a good School management system has biometric attendance that can only be marked if a student or employee comes to school or college. This attendance of the student can be seen by the respective parent on their mobile apps plus if a student needs leave for a particular day then it must become from a parent through the mobile application. .

Examination management

Examination management is a cumbersome task for management as well as for students. Students have to work hard to pass the exams but it’s even harder for management to conduct the exam of the whole school, college, or university. The exam module made this management easy for teachers and administration by providing different options like managing the calendars, providing proper guidelines about room availability, then crating papers in this module, after this creating the grade books and adding the marks in them. In the end, generating the reports of examinations subject-wise, student-wise, class-wise, teacher-wise, term-wise, and many more options according to the need of users.

In addition to these modules, there are many other modules included in the Campus management system like Inventory management, sale management, Accounts management, payroll management, HRMS, Relationship management, and many more depending on the requirements of the customer. But the most used and demanded modules are discussed above which transformed the way of performing the functions and managing the operations.

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