Enterprise Resource Planning

Our Features

Pe@rl can offer you the finest services to manage your business along with following features:

Modular Approach

Keeping in mind, the different segmentation in a business, Pe@rlERP is developed on modular basis. Where each module can work stand alone.

Fully Integrated

Developed with a supple architecture, all modules of Pe@rlERP are comprehensively integrated and agile. Moreover it can fetch data from other ERP softwares.

360° view of your business

It gives you the enterprise-wide visibility in real-time with personalized dashboard and alerts for significant issues.

Multi Company

Pe@rlERP is powerful enough to manage multi companies, further more it can also manage multi branches within a company.


Pe@rlERP is available in multiple languages. Currently English and Turkish are fully implemented. Other languages can be provided on demand

Auto generation of input documents

The user will be able to generate vouchers both manually and automatically in an order.

Multi-year accounting / reporting

The user will be able to enter the accounts and draw their reports for as many years and periods one needs.

Consolidation of Accounts

Pe@rlERP offers quick consolidation and reconciliation of accounts with agility.

Button level User rights

A promising feature for administrators for rights management.

Interactive Dashboards

Interactive and dynamic dashboard for business KPI's to enhance decision making process.

Globally accessible

It is available in both desktop & cloud based version which allows you to monitor your business and make quick decisions from anywhere anytime.

Litte Upfront Cost

Achieve your goals without the headache of huge investments in IT infrastructure. Save the large upfront cost by leveraging the PIMS which is entirely cloud based.

System Integration

You can’t find the best outcome to a problem unless you explore all possible outcomes.
We immerse ourselves in your industry, learning through observation, interviews and analysis.



Total Campus Management Solution

The all-in-one campus management solution to make schools, colleges, universities, training institutes and coaching academies more productive, successful & profitable. The ePrincipal is offered as a fully managed Software-as-a-Service solution, web based and built on Windows, Asp.Net, SQL, and C#, and is hosted on managed servers in a facility which has provided 99.9% uptime. Some of the prominent features of ePrincipal would be;

  1. Total Operational Automation
  2. Interactive Dashboards
  3. More time to focus on strategic things
  4. Multiple campus management
  5. Effective communication between Parents, Students and Teachers
  6. Dynamic generation of timetables with subtitutes
  7. Macroscopic as well as microscopic view of the campus
  8. Cloud based, Globally accessible
  9. Scalable, Customizable and Supports Multiple Languages
  10. Student, teachers and parents portals
  11. Email and SMS option
and Endless functionalities to grow, improve & be more profitable

Financial Management

A complete suite to manage financials of your business.

As the business grows, so does the complexity of managing its financials. While accounting-only software may have helped you get started, you need software that can take your business to the next level, automating everyday financial tasks and integrating them with other business processes. Financial management suite do all of this as it resides at the core of the Pearl ERP. It comprises of the following modules;

  1. General Ledger
    Book-keeping, Trial Balance, Ledgers, Financial Statements
  2. Receivables
    Sales, Integrated with stocks, GL, Summary, Ledgers
  3. Payables
    Purchase, Integrated with stocks, Summary, Ledgers
  4. Costing
    Direct Cost, In direct Cost, Allocation of indirect costs to Production
  5. Fixed Assets
    Record of Fixed Assets including Land, Buildings, Depreciations
  6. Budgets
    Budget allocation, Budget preparation, Variance reporting

Warehouse Management

Pearl ERP WMS suite addresses one of the key area of any business; Warehousing and Inventory management

Pearl ERP is equipped with a resilient warehose and inventory management system that helps you in improving customer service and profitability with real-time access to available inventory, inventory in W.I.P, and inventory costs. Controlled data entry and real time item balance is one of the promising feature of this suite. It comprises of the following modules;

  1. Purchase
    Suppliers, Purchase Demands, Purchase Requisitions, Purchase Orders, Integrated with Stocks
  2. Inventory Control
    Inspection generation from Purchase order, Inspections, Goods Receipts, Consumption
  3. Finished Goods Stock
    Integrated with Production, Integration with Sales
  4. Work In Process Stock
    Production, QC Accepted, Rejected, Reworked, Stocks, Transfers
  5. Bill of Materials
    Products, Product wise BOM, Integrated with Customer PO, Purchase, Stocks

Human Resource management system

HR is one of the biggest asset of an enterprise. Pearl HRMS supports all processes of HR management.

Pearl ERP HRMS suite connects human resources with information technology and thus enables you to manage your workforce to improve capabilities and grow your business. It simplifies HR processes to drive better business results. It helps in streamlining HR and payroll to enable business transformation, simplify processes and reduce costs and hence improve your bottom line impacts. It comprises of the following sub modules;

  1. HR Management System
    Comprehensive Employee Profile, Qualifications, Trainings, Performances
  2. Payroll
    Payroll policy, Monthly, Piece work, Daily wages, Loans Management, Pay slips, Bank transfers
  3. Attendance
    Implementation of Attendance policy, Shifts Roaster, Gazetted Holidays
  4. Provident Fund
    Employee contribution, Employer Contribution, PF Loans, PF Slips, Profit distribution
  5. Leaves Management
    Leave policy, Leave Entitlement, Leave encashment, Integrated with Payroll, Attendance

Manufacturing Management

A complete, multi location control and planning system for product and order manufacturing industries.

Pearl ERP Manufacturing Management suite integrates production planning with sales orders, inventory, purchasing, accounting, and financial reporting to provide real-time coordination of activities across your entire business. It empowers you to track material and labor costs as you manage your products. and analyze your costs with actual costs by powerful variance reporting. It comprises of the following sub modules;

  1. Production System
    Production shops wise Production, QC Accepted, Rejected, Reworked, Stocks
  2. Bill Of MaterialsProducts, Product wise BOM, Integrated with Customer PO, Purchase, Stocks
  3. Computerized Machine MaintenanceMaintenance Planning, Scheduling, Preventive Maintenance, Corrective Maintenance
  4. CostingProduct wise Costing, Job Order wise costing

Trading management

A complete package for traders of any business domain.

Pearl Solutions designed a specific product package for traders of any business type. Since trading is one of the most common businesses around the globe, so keeping in mind their needs, we have designed a complete suite that can fulfill your daily business needs and provide you with powerful reporting and dashboards to let you make decisions best for your business. It can help you design your financial statements and manage your receivables efficiently. It comprises of the following modules;

  1. General Ledger
    Chart Of Accounts, Ledgers, Trial balance, Profit/Loss Statement, Balance Sheet
  2. Store
    Items, Finished goods store, receipts, adjustments, stock activity
  3. Sales
    Customers, Inventory, Customer Order, Sale Invoice, Party Ledger
  4. Purchase
    Suppliers, Purchase Order, Party Ledger, Inspection

For Specialized Industries

Customized industry specific software packages to help to grow and adapt themselves with this ever changing world.

Pearl Solutions is a versatie enterprise which is not only confide to mere ERP solutions but extends its analysis, design and development capabilities to serve the industry as best as possible. For this we put our efforts to some of the customized industry specific requirements from our valued clients. Some of them are;

  1. Garments
    Merchandising, Customer Orders, Material Requirements, Purchase (Local, Import)
  2. Export Rebate System
    Goods Declaration Form, Gumrek, GD / Gumrak linkage, Export Proceed Realization
  3. Housing Society Management System
    Fully Biometric Control, Members Record (Joint, Nominees), Plots Record, Transfers
  4. Vehicles Maintenance Management
    Maintenance Planning, Maintenance Scheduling, Preventive Maintenance, Corrective Maintenance
  5. Agriculture Farms Production System
    Profitability (Farm wise, Crop wise, Year / season wise), Farms Detail, Production Yield