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Innovate to Dominate: Business Innovation Strategies

4 Prominent Innovations that transformed the way of doing Business

People are doing business for ages because the economic system of the whole world is based on it. There is no change in the word ‘business’ till now but the way of performing the functions of business keeps changing over time. In this blog, we are going to discuss the technological innovations that have completely changed the patterns of doing business. We often listen from business Gurus that ‘change is constant’. We agree with this phrase because if a business does not change with the technology it may survive to some extent but will never be able to reach maximum growth. Innovation is a technique to make things faster, cheaper, and better than your competitors because if you are not innovative enough to beat your competitors your place in the market will be lost in no time. So be innovative to maintain your place or to make your place. Some prominent innovations are discussed below to have a little overview of transformed business functions through technological innovations.


When you talk about the innovations then how can you forget the ‘Internet’ that made it possible for a business to perform their functions so effectively with the help of some clicks that required plenty of effort and resources in past. To explain this in a more convenient way let’s suppose a scenario. Two decades ago, a person launched a software company to serve the customer adequately. Due to heavy investment, the business had the latest technology followed by a bunch of experienced employees. To tell the audience about the existence of business, the officials published ads in newspapers and magazines about the offering of the business. Moreover, further marketing was done by using different platforms available at that time and that some serious investment. The most negative prospect was even after investing this much the response was not up to mark. The reason was most people even did not have access to newspaper and offering and those who had access are not able to comprehend the same message with the same meaning that the officials wanted to deliver. In the end, the result was the loss of resources financially as well as mentally. Now let us change the scenario, apply the same situation with one addition that is the ‘Internet’. Launch the new business, make the digital appearance on different platforms like business directories, Google business, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and many other digital platforms. After this tell everybody with a single click about your business and you are offering with little use of resources. This is only one aspect of marketing that is mentioned through which the internet has transformed the business functions, there are many more you can say the internet is in every function of business right now.

Laptops and Computers

Computers and laptops have become necessary tools for the business world. Previously we had discussed the importance of the internet but here is the twist without laptops and computers where you will use the internet? The answer is without these devices there is no worth of internet. These devices accelerate the business cycles and frameworks with top quality. Currently, PC and laptops are critical to use to begin any type of business. Each part of the advanced work environment is improved by the utilization of laptops and computers. From small businesses to huge partnerships, innovation is utilized in a business organization to build productivity, reduce delays, and improve deals. By using these latest gadgets give your representatives the preparations, instructions, and backing they need to benefit as much as possible from the innovation accessible in your business. For using any kind of software like ERP system, spreadsheets, and much other software required for business, you will need a laptop and computers.

Use of software

Computers, laptops, the internet, and software are interlinked with each other. One can say they are highly dependent on each other in the current era of technology to get maximum output by providing the least input from business. When there was no existence of technology, people were doing business but now there are doing it with ease with the help of the above-mentioned technology. Business software applications come with the capability of automating several processes that are otherwise complex and time consuming to be done manually. Business Software Solutions provides business productivity that is available in different types and modules. Let us discuss the chain of innovation with the help of the accounts management system In the absence of technology people used to record their transactions, payrolls, receipt, bookkeeping, and many other functions manually. Then they moved towards the spreadsheets for ease and productivity through computers. Currently, people are using the ERP system for accounting purposes to avoid the errors they are facing in spreadsheet software for value and wealth maximation of business. No doubt spreadsheets, desktop, laptops, MRP system, ERP systems are helping the business but, in the end, they all are software. So, one can say software has transformed the business world.

Barcodes and Scanners

Barcodes and Scanners Barcodes are usually used to help track stock in an inventory management system, however, there are a lot more prospects and approaches to utilize them. Barcode scanners are to read, translate, and transmit information contained in the barcode. In the past when there was no availability of this technology businesses faced huge losses due to misuse and mismanagement of inventory.

The barcodes can be for the following purposes:

.For advertising purposes

.For travel, movies, and events bookings

.For tracking purposes

.For games

Following are some benefits of using the Barcodes:

.Eliminates the human errors that happen during manual data entry.

. Saves times and energy

.No training is required for performing this function.

.Inexpensive in terms of cost, so anyone can track their products without thinking about the cost

.Beneficial in rapid data collection and analysis can be done on it.

.User-friendly for any type of organization.

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