ERP system is expensive .A Myth

Shattering the Myth: ERP Systems Aren't as Expensive as You Think


We have heard a lot from the marketplace that people want to shift from other software to ERP systems, but they do not shift, and the problem is they think “ERP system is expensive”. To address this issue and make people aware of the actual condition of the pricing strategy of ERP software, our management decided to write a blog on it. So, without wasting any time let us discuss this issue..

Misconceptions about ERP system

1. The problem starts with this misconception when people see the ERP system with many modules like HRMS, Trading management system, Manufacturing management system, Inventory management system, Accounts management system, Financial management system, Maintenance management system, Document control system, and many others. After this, they start thinking that they must buy all the modules if they want to use the ERP system, but it is not true.

2. The next misconception is, there will be hidden charges once you transfer data on the ERP system followed by security issues. People have sensitive data and trust issues that lead them to stay on outdated software that results in the downfall of their businesses.


The misconception of cost about ERP system can be solved through this approach by providing awareness to people that it is not necessary to buy the whole ERP system at once, you can only go with the modules you required and only pay for them. Let explain this with the help of an example, a person needs only an Account management module to run the functions of his business, so there is an option of buying only the Accounts management module and continue their operations efficiently and effectively. Another side is, if you start your business with the ERP software then you do not have to switch towards an ERP system when your business grows and have different departments that will require integration. It is a wise choice to start with ERP software rather than other software to minimize the cost of software as well as other resources like money, energy, and time that will be required for training if you regularly switch systems.

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