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  • System Go Live : 01 Jan 2008
  • Modules :
    • Inventory
    • Accounts
    • HRMS
  • Client :WAPDA


This case study is about the success story of digital transformation of WAPDA with the help of Pearl Solutions (Pvt) Ltd. The multiple assignments consist of using the latest tools and technologies, scalable and reliable enough to digitalize WAPDA across Pakistan. This includes complete lifecycle of ERP design, development, and implementation and support. It started from identifying the key challenges, conducting the gap analysis, recommending the solutions, and then it will lead towards the development and implementation of ERP in the organization. In the end outcomes of this whole activity will also be mentioned to measure the effectiveness of PearlERP in the organization.

Introduction of WAPDA

WAPDA is a federal body that was established through an Act of Parliament in 1958. The organizational structure of WAPDA includes a Chairman followed by three members of Power, Water, and Finance. WAPDA is working day and night to harness water and hydropower resources in Pakistan. The main focus of WAPDA is to generate affordable, clean electricity, which will provide relief to the consumers by bringing down the power tariff.

Why WAPDA was looking for an ERP system?

WAPDA is a well-renowned authority in Pakistan for generation of Hydel and Thermal electricity, its transmission and distribution to industrial, commercial, domestic and other consumers for more than 6 decades. It was using manual systems to keep all the records required for working of the organization. With time, the officials realized the usage of latest technological for their accounting and management control system for enhanced efficiency and effectiveness.WAPDA was looking for a trusted technology partner for quite long, which should be reliable and have an experienced team to transform the manual system of such a huge organization into a well-designed and secure software. They might have contacted many organizations and then short-listed few among them. Being a premier software house in Lahore, we were also among the privileged organizations who were short-listed.Based on our mature off-the-shelf PearlERP and our experience, Pearl Solutions (Pvt) Ltd was selected to take up this challenge of developing a customized solution to help WAPDA in their journey to the digital era. This enabled them to migrate from legacy system to the next generation ERP solution.

WAPDA requirements

  • A customized solution for accounts management of WAPDA all over Pakistan.
  • Consolidation of Accounts at multiple levels.
  • Integration of accounts with other relevant systems.
  • Integration of offices across the country in a seamless and secure way.
  • Payroll management system for WAPDA’s power division.
  • Reconstruction of Chart of Accounts, flexible enough to accommodate the legacy as well as to adapt the requirements of future.
  • Grouping of items and inventory management system for WAPDA’s power division.
  • Consolidation of accounts at each level of hierarchy for enhanced transparency.


WAPDA has primarily 3 major wings

  • Power
  • Water
  • Services

Accounting and consolidation of accounts is implemented in all these wings along with other WAPDA offices including:

  • Funds
  • Pension
  • Import
  • Other Offices

Gap Analysis

For better understanding of the existing manual procedures and to set a plan to achieve the targets, we conducted a Gap analysis. It provided a concrete roadmap towards collective success of WAPDA and Pearl Solutions.

  • WAPDA representatives gave presentations about the existing working of the system in different formations.
  • Our consultants visited some key formations to assess the procedures themselves.
  • Interviews were conducted of general managers, accountants, IT staff and end users.

To analyze what customizations would be required in PearlERP, a system requirement specifications (SRS) document was made. Thorough discussions and feedback sessions were done back and forth to refine the system as per the client’s desire.


  • Reconstructing of Chart of accounts needs thorough consulting with the staff. It is like laying down the foundation of the building since all the accounting entries will reflect in COA. Hence, it should encompass each aspect and must accommodate the needs to come in future also.
  • Consolidation of Accounts at each level because WAPDA is managing accounts on a different level of hierarchy as well as in hundreds of locations all across Pakistan. So, the reporting should reflect each entry at the origin location as well as its effects as it moves up the hierarchy
  • Grouping the inventory items were also a key function to perform. The volume of inventory items was huge, so for proper organization, tracking and avoid duplications, a rigorous structure was required.
  • The payroll system was also reconstructed to eradicate errors. Since there are tens of thousands of employees with complex allowances / deductions schemes.



After the success of pilot phase, PearlERP was deployed and currently is being used in more than 100 formations of WAPDA across Pakistan. For maintenance and support, Pearl Solutions is always available to its customers that leads them to have healthy and beneficial relations with each other. The same is happening with WAPDA and it reflects in our relationship with them as we are still working together.

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