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  • System Go Live: 01 Jan 2008
  • Modules :
    • Inventory
    • Accounts
    • HRMS
    • Manufacturing
    • Attendance
    • Leave
  • Client : TexPak


This document is about the success story of Pearl Solutions and TexPak, explaining the working experience of working together. TEXPAK was facing issues with its complex production system which was leading it to losses of inventory and mismanagement. Later on in this document, key challenges, gap analysis, system development, and implementation of the system are discussed.

Introduction of TexPak

TexPak was established in 2003 when the Belgian Delcour family decided to take its 25-year long collaboration with Sapphire to the next level. TexPak has strong expertise when it comes to tubular body size knitting. By building further on know-how that is at the foundation of the sweatshirt fabric, moving production closer to raw materials, setting new standards, and constantly innovating, they managed to fine-tune their knitting techniques, adding to their offerings of efficient products. Whereas tubular clothing represents about half of their capacity.

Key Challenges

The key challenges that challenges led TexPak to Pearl Solutions are discussed below:-

  • Production was a very complex system in terms of functions so tracking each system concerning inventory and other important factors was a big challenge.
  • Mismanagement in functions due to unclear of a reporting system that was leading to confusion and also affecting their business negatively.
  • The attendance system of employees was also a challenge because they have a different type of employees depending on working hours and expertise level.
  • The accounting system was also not up to date.

Gap Analysis

After identifying the key challenges, we started our gap analysis to determine the understanding of staff regarding the ERP system. For this purpose following tools were used:-

  • The presentation was given by TexPak officials to explain to us what they have now and what they want to achieve using our PearlERP.
  • Interviews were conducted on different levels of different officials.
  • IT Staff of TexPak was working closely with us because in the end, they are the ones who will be using this ERP system.
  • After this, we gave our presentation of PearlERP, after presentation officials said some modules are exactly according to our needs, but in some modules they want customization. We agreed on it and then moved towards the system development phase.

System Development

Following modules were asked by TexPak:-

  • Customized Production module
  • Customized Inventory module
  • Payroll module
  • Accounting module
  • Biometric attendance system
  • Sales module
  • Customized Material resource planning.


  • Due to their complex production system, they asked us to make a customized module that must be according to our working. This will help us to run the functions smoothly, we gave them positive feedback because we have our development team so customization is not a problem. After developing this module exactly according to the client’s requirement, we implemented it with accuracy to make sure n errors.
  • They have different types of inventory that started from the raw material of different types and ends at a different type of finished goods, so they wanted an inventory system according to their inventory level. So, without any difficulty and hesitation took their instructions and made a system that was best possible. After developing the system, we implemented it with zero errors.
  • The payroll module of PearlERP was well equipped to meet the complex requirements of TexPak. So, this module was implemented without any customization.
  • The accounting module was also implemented without any customization, because of its enrich functions and options.
  • PearlERP has a system of biometric attendance, so it was also implemented there for proper overviewing of staff efficiency in terms of efficiency.
  • TexPak sales procedures were very complex because they deal with a different types of products, but here our Sales module met their requirement effectively. So, no customization was required here as well.
  • A customized material resource planning module was developed according to the need of our client to maintain the material planning without any mismanagement.

After implementation, the system was tested properly and then deployed after the satisfaction of TexPak. They stayed connected with us for maintenance and support and we share healthy working relations due to our successful journey of working together.

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