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  • System Go Live : 07 Jan 2014
  • Modules :
    • Account Consolidation
    • Accounts
    • Payroll
    • Provident Fund (PF)
  • Client : TDCP


This success story is about the working experience of the Tourism Development Corporation of Punjab (TDCP) with Pearl Solutions for managing their accounting functions through updated technology supported by using PearlERP effectively and efficiently. This case study includes key challenges TDCP was facing, the gap analysis, developing the system and finally implementing it to the TDCP system.

Introduction of TDCP

The Tourism Development Corporation of Punjab is an autonomous body incorporated under the Companies Ordinances 1984 on the 10th December 1986. The Corporation is governed by the Managing Director under the administrative control of Secretary, Government of Punjab, Youth Affairs, Sports, Archaeology and Tourism Department. Major decisions are taken by the Board of Directors (BOD) under the Chairmanship of Chief Minister Punjab. TDCP plays a crucial role in coordinating and supplementing the efforts of the Government in strengthening promotional and marketing efforts, catalyzing private investment, and providing trained manpower resources. TDCP has Tourist offices at various places in Punjab which are responsible for providing information service to tourists, tourism promotion, and marketing in their respective areas.

Key Challenges

TDCP is a prominent corporation of Punjab which is working for the betterment of tourism in Punjab. As it is a very large corporation so its handling is also complex that’s why the officials decided to move towards the ERP system. But the critical thing was no one was meeting their specific requirements that they wanted for their payroll and provident fund management, this challenge led them to Pearl Solutions and we solved their problem by using the customized PearlERP. Some of the key challenges are mentioned below that were the focus of this working experience.

  • The payroll management system that will give accurate figures after the calculations of allowances and deductions from employees salary.
  • The Provident fund module was a very complex task here due to the calculation errors.
  • A general accounting module was also required for properly managing all the accounting records of the corporation.

Gap Analysis

After identifying the key challenges that TDCP was facing, our expert started the gap analysis to check the current situation of the system and then projecting the optimal outcome that will come when PearlERP will be implemented here. For conducting the gap analysis there was a thorough process by using the following tools:-

  • Firstly the representative gave us a presentation about the system they are using and the problems they are facing while using the current system.
  • Interviews were conducted one by one with the top officials of different departments to examine what they will be expecting from us by using our services.
  • IT staff of TDCP was working closely with us because, in the end, they will be using this new system, so their interviews and feedback gave us complete thinking of the system.

System Development

Peral solutions developed customized PeralERP according to the instructions given by the client, these customized modules are as follow:-

  • Payroll management system
  • Provident fund module
  • General accounting module.

To analyze what customizations would be required in PearlERP, a system requirement specifications (SRS) document was made. Thorough discussions and feedback sessions were done back and forth to refine the system as per the client’s desire.


  • Implementing the Payroll module was complex in this way that TDCP is a government body and their employees get a lot of allowances and then there are many deductions from their salaries are also there. So, to comprehend this complex procedure and then mapping all the data in the customized system was an effort taking task. But our experienced and skilled staff showing their expertise implemented this module successfully.
  • The Provident fund module is not a very common module and its working is also complex. Clients usually face problems in this module in the calculation and many errors appear when anyone goes practical. The customization of this module and its implementation was an interesting task because it allowed both TDCP and Peral solutions to know the complexity of this system to the depth.
  • The last module was the general accounting module that was implemented there.


The healthy relationship continues after the project in the form of maintenance and support and we always stay connected to our valuable customers. The effectiveness of our PearlERP can be measured from the fact that this ERP was implemented to the whole corporation and working efficiently. We never disappoint our clients and that our goal also.

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