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  • System Go Live : 07 Jan 2013
  • Modules :
    • HRMS
    • Accounts
    • Attendence
    • purchase
    • Store
    • Assets
    • Invoicing
    • Maitenance
    • Operation
  • Client : OZPAK


This case study is about the journey of OZ-PAK with Pearl Solutions for managing its complex operating system with the help of the best technological means by using PearlERP. This document includes the process of the whole project that happened during this experience of working together. The project started when OZ-PAK approached Pearl Solutions for technological consultation, after this the project started by identifying the problems that OZ-PAK was facing, then knowing the current situation of the system by conducting a gap analysis, then moving towards the recommendation followed by system development and completing it through the implementation phase. At the end of the document, the outcomes of this project are also provided to measure the effectiveness and efficiency of this working experience.

Introduction of OZPAK

OZ-PAK is a Turkish based entity founded in the year of 1986 and is an active member of the Turkish construction and contracting sector, mainly known for its innovative designs and quality workmanship. OZ-Pak entered into an agreement with Lahore Waste Management Company for solid waste collection, its transportation, mechanical and manual sweeping, and mechanical washing services of the zone -II of Lahore city. The tenure of the said agreement was seven years. The said agreement has been signed on November 3rd, 2011 in the presence of the Chief Minister of Punjab at Lahore.

Key Challenges

OZ-PAK is a famous venture in the history of those projects that were implemented to clean the city of Lahore. When this venture happened OZ-PAK faced many problems to run this joint venture smoothly. Some of the problems are mentioned below:-

  • The ERP system Turkish company was using in their country for their projects did not apply to this project due to the complexity level of operations here.
  • Culture level differences were also there, so they need a local vendor for ERP services because the software was going to be used in Lahore, so it needs to be made exactly according to their requirements for the best possible use.
  • The volume of data was huge and they were unable to handle this manually so they decided to move towards ERP.
  • The billing method was very complex because of their pricing strategy based on the weight of solid waste, so this was a tough task to manage for any ERP.
  • Automation of work was also a challenge.
  • They did their market research for ERP software but they found no one compatible with this specific service according to their needs, this challenge led them to Pearl Solutions.

Project Initiation Phase

When OZ-PAK contacted Pearl Solutions, they demanded the presentation of our product PearlERP to examine whether we can meet their requirements or not. For this purpose, our experienced staff met them and presented the specifications of PearlEP to them, they examined us from every dimension and concluded that only we can meet their needs, based on our experienced staff and customized ERP. After this, they formally informed us that they wanted to work with us.

Gap Analysis

To know the current situation of the system of OZ-PAK, we started our formal proceedings to conduct a gap analysis, for this purpose we followed the following means:-

  • Interviews were conducted at the top level and middle-level managers to know what they exactly wanted in the ERP system.
  • Interviews of IT staff were also conducted to determine their level of handling ERP system
  • OZ-PAK representative also gave us a presentation about the existing system and how they want to carry their operations in near future.

System Development

Based on SRS, our development team started the development of customized PearlERP. According to the need of the client following modules were customized as per instructions of the client:-

  • Operation management system
  • Fixed asset management system
  • Vehicles maintenance management system
  • Inventory management system


The implementation phase in one of the crucial phases of this whole process but in the OZ-PAK case, this phase was interesting and difficult at the same time due to its complexity level at each module. Implementation of different modules with their complexity are discussed one by one below:-

  • The main focus of OZ-PAK was on the operation management system due to its importance, this system was much complex because their operations included solid waste collection, its transportation, mechanical and manual sweeping and mechanical washing jointly, and further break down of these services are there. To consolidate all these operations and also maintaining the PearlERP’s difficulty level simple was a breathtaking task. The reason is if any of the services get affected by any lag in the system or processing error then the whole system of OZ-PAK will be collapsed. But experience and skilled staff of Pearl Solutions made it happened error-free with lots of hard work.
  • A fixed asset management system was also important here because they got heavy machinery with high technology and other fixed assets also, so managing them was also important for a company to use their resources effectively.
  • Vehicle maintenance system implementation was complex due to the technology OZ-PAK was using. Their vehicle was the main heavy type which includes 2 engines, so maintaining the 1 vehicle with 2 engines and keeping the record about their maintenance was a tough thing. The very common cause of this complexity was if one engine stops working but the other is in good condition, so we have to repair one engine and now keeping this record about maintenance lead to more complexity. Still, Pearl Solutions did not disappoint its valuable client and delivered with commitment.
  • The inventory management module was also customized according to the requirements of the client, which include all the inventory of OZ-PAK of every service with a proper grouping of items and tracking system.


After the long and interesting implementation phase, OZ-PAK was a happy customer of Pearl Solutions and stay connected with Pearl Solutions for support and maintenance. We are still in contact with each other and sharing our working experience as our success story clearly shows that OZ-PAK loved working with us. The only reason why we put our best efforts for our clients is, we want that our client’s business grows with stable progress with the help of technological means because we are living in a technological era and with technology, we can not compete in this competitive world.

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