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  • System Go Live : 01 Jan 2013
  • Module:
    • Provident Fund (PF)
  • Client : KCCL


In this document, we are going to tell you about the working experience with one of the prominent names of Pakistan known as Kohat Cement. This case is very interesting in aspects of functionality and implementation. At the start of this document, there is a key challenge that was Kohat cement facing that led it to Pearl Solutions followed by Gap analysis, System analysis, and implementation phase respectively.

Introduction of KCCL

Kohat cement was established in 1984 but later privatized by the Pakistan government in 1992. Its business activity includes the manufacture and sale of cement locally and internationally. Kohat cement has a board of directors that head the audit committee, chief executive officer, and HR and Remuneration Committee. The strategy of Kohat Cement is to stay ahead of the competition by adopting the latest technology with efficient and progressive teamwork in an environment of good governance and professionalism.

Key Challenges

Kohat Cement is a well-renowned company of Pakistan, received the Top Companies Award in 2013 by the respected Prime minister of Pakistan. When the officials of Kohat Cement approached Pearl Solutions, they were using Microsoft dynamics (ERP system) but the company faced a deadlock there due to a specific rule of the Pakistan Government and Microsoft dynamics was unable to solve it. The rule states that whenever you import raw material you must pay the tax on it but after converting that raw material into finished goods if you export those finished goods, the Government of Pakistan will encourage you and will reimburse some percentage of the duty you paid when you imported the raw material.

Gap Analysis

After identifying the key challenge, our experts conducted the gap analysis to determine the current situation and thinking that what type of system will be able to solve this problem. For this process, interviews and meetings were held, and then a system is purposed by us. After examining our recommendations from every dimension, their officials gave us go ahead for system development.


  • Getting data about the raw material and calculating the tax paid.
  • Then tracking it to the finished good level.
  • When the finished goods were ready to export then calculating how much is exported based on the Good Declaration form governed by Pakistan.
  • After this calculating the reimbursement amount.
  • After this making a CSV file of the whole document and then import this file into Microsoft dynamics (ERP system).

    That's how we worked with the Kohat Cement to tackle the deadlock they were facing with the specific rule of the Pakistan Government.


To solve the challenge faced by the Kohat Cement, we designed a system that covered all the dimensions of the rule stated by the Government of Pakistan. The system was named as Export Rebate System.

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