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  • System Go Live : 07 Jan 2019
  • Modules :
    • Inventory
    • HRMS
    • CMMS
    • Document Control System
    • Payroll
    • Fixed Assets
  • Client : Infinity Engineering


This case study is about the marvelous working experience of Pearl Solutions with Infinity Engineering. In this document, you will come to know about the complexity of functions of Infinity Engineering and their integration with the PearlERP to run the functions productively by using the updated digital technology. This document includes challenges faced by Infinity Engineering, their gap analysis, development of the system, and in the end the implementation of the system.

Introduction of Infinity Engineering

Infinity Engineering is a specialized manufacturer of auto parts and engineering components. Infinity Engineering provides export quality automotive components using hot forging, precision machining, heat treatment, and highly advanced level inspection and testing. Infinity Engineering products include complex assemblies assembled to the best fit. Infinity Engineering also possesses auxiliary facilities for the development and manufacturing of high precision forging dies, specialized tooling, fixtures, and inspection gauges.

Key Challenges

  • The complexity of the process due to different products line and their functions
  • Required a software partner with a mature product, because Infinity Engineering stay up to date in technology and certifications manner. This requirement required a local vendor who can be reached at any time for customization in the system.
  • Trustworthiness was also a big issue due to its national and international orders of products.
  • Two types of inventory one were raw material and the other was finished goods, so their management was a key challenge.
  • They have a different type of staff with different pay rates which leads to more complexity when the overtime working hours rate come into play. So managing these issues was very important.
  • The attendance and leave system was also complex there.
  • Maintenance of costly and huge machinery in numbers at proper intervals was also a key issue.
  • Due to new rules of corporations, be eco-friendly so the whole work needed to be shifted in digital form so a proper system for that to maintain security and run functions smoothly was also required.

Gap Analysis

To know the current situation of the system of Infinity Engineering, we started our formal proceedings to conduct a gap analysis, for this purpose we followed the following means:-

  • Interviews were conducted with top-level and middle-level managers to know what they exactly wanted in the ERP system.
  • Interviews of IT staff were also conducted to know about their specifications.
  • Infinity Engineering representative also gave us a presentation about the existing system and how they want to carry their operations in near future by using PearlERP.

After completing the gap analysis and interpreting the information provided to us, a system requirement specifications (SRS) was made for the required system which was sent to the client for their feedback. This process continued until the client showed complete satisfaction on SRS. This satisfaction made both of us clear that we are on the same page and now the development phase can be started.

System Development

  • Customized HR module
  • Customized Payroll module
  • Customized Attendance system
  • Customized Maintenance Machine system
  • A customized Document control system
  • Inventory System


Implementation was an interesting phase with this client and discussed in detail below:-

  • Inventory System

    • Infinity Engineering had two types of inventory one was raw material and the other was finished goods. This company manufacture goods on their own by efficiently using raw material into different products. So tracking both forms of inventories to avoid any type of misuse and loss separately. After keeping this record simultaneously and then producing a consolidated report of it for better understanding was a time-consuming task. The other complexity included as there were further types of inventory which was imported and locally purchase, so keeping record at this level was also a key challenge there. But Pearl Solutions did not disappoint its customer and delivered with perfection.
  • HR Module

    • HR module was customized according to the requirement of the client. In the HR module, the complexity was in the type of employees because it’s a large corporation having more than 1000 employees. So handling them with the same and different policies to some extent was a tough task. So we implemented our module there with customization for making their functions smooth and effective.
    Payroll Module

    The payroll module was also customized according to the following requirements:-

    • Different levels of employees with different packages.
    • Daily wages and monthly wages employees.
    • Complex overtime working hours paying method
    • Paying method of those employees who had different skills and expertise
    • Seniority based employees and their paying methods.
    • Those employees who only called when they were required for any task.
    • Deductions and perks calculations.
  • Attendance Modal

    • Managing 1000 plus employees and keeping an eye on every person was not possible and if possible it was very time and resource consuming. So we developed a Bio-metric system for a client including all the policy levels for judging employees' consistency and their punctuality. Furthermore, integrated it with another system to generate proper reports for further calculations of deductions or bonuses based on consistency and punctuality.
  • Computerized maintenance machine system

  • The corporations who have heavy machinery and need to be maintained with proper caring methods to avoid any kind of mishap, those corporations usually go for this module. So it is evident from the previous discussion that this module needs to be very accurate and optimized to tackle any kind of problem-related to the maintenance system. Infinity engineering was using heavy machinery, so they wanted us to customize this module according to their working system. Proper detail of every component is provided in detail below:-

    • The first component of the module was keeping the schedule of maintenance. This component was important because a lot of types of machinery were being used by the corporation so manually keeping the record of every machine was very difficult and often results in mismanagement. As a result of this, the machinery continues working but with low efficiency and one day will collapse. If machinery completely collapses this will stop the function of the company, as more of the machinery was imported so they must wait 10,15 days for its replacement or repairment and this was not affordable for a firm. So proper maintenance schedule component was developed.
    • There were two types of maintenance one was corrective and the other was preventive. So keeping the record of every maintenance was also there for proper reporting.

    • Key performance indicators were also developed to measure the efficiency of working processes.

    • The next important component was the Automatic reading of the machine. Some machines had reading bars but some didn’t have the reading bar. So the problems were how the company will know that the specific machines required the maintenance, for this purpose a new component was required who will let the company know about the maintenance. So for this purpose, this component was developed and implemented.

  • Document Control System

  • A document control system is a system used to receive, track, manage and store documents, and reduce paperwork. The technologically advanced bigger corporations require this module because they deal with international and well reputable clients and those clients are very sensitive regarding the ISO rules and regulations. One of the ISO rules states that every work must be documented from start to end which includes proposal making, then reviewing it, then its approval and then you are allowed to start working on it. Another rule states that documentation must be paperless for eco-friendly purposes which direct companies to use digital platforms, but the issue is in digital form there are many security and authoritative issues. So to overcome these challenges this module was developed including the following specifications:-

    • Departmental level
    • Position level
    • Authoritative level
    • Reporting level

    Workflow hierarchy was also kept in mind while developing this module because it is important and must be integrated with each level that allows different rights to different levels for viewing or editing a document.

    In larger organizations, the schedule of a whole year of meeting and managing other things are made and communicated to respective officials. So for this purpose Planning schedule was also developed as a major component, which allows officials to track their schedule and prepare themselves according to schedule. This component eliminated any kind of confusion in officials regarding their meetings and other things.

    One of the key features of this module was the reminder system which reminds the respective official about any upcoming meeting and important event to take place through e-mail and SMS. This function made this module even more effective and also made things easy for officials to remember.


    Outcomes of this journey can be measured by the fact that it's nearly a decade and we both are working together and making things productive for each other. We are always available for our clients with our expertise, skills, and up to date technological assistance. Pearl Solutions thinks that our success is when our client’s business is booming and making stable growth in the market place. We are always there to support them technologically whenever they need us.

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