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  • System GO Live : 12 Apr 2019
  • Modules :
    1. Fixed Assets
  • Client : iConsult


This case is different from other case studies because here Pearl Solutions worked as a third party and will be explained soon about this. This case study is all about converting the whole record of a fixed asset of the well-renowned name of Pakistan, Sukkur electric power company (SEPCO) into digital form. This document will explain the whole process which will start from how we worked with SEPCO through iCONSULT and then explaining the whole process of PearlERP development and implementation there.

Introduction of iConsult

iCONSULT is a consulting agency that provides important consultation on financial and other issues to reputable customers. You can understand its working by this example that suppose there were five partners in a business but now one wants to leave this partnership. So, after calculation and evaluation of all the assets of the company and then providing consultation about how much the leaving partner deserves now is their expertise.

Project Initiation

SEPCO was using one of the topmost ERP system known as SAP. But some issues were creating a deadlock in working activities of SEPCO with SAP. The issue was SAP was unable to map the record of past 22 years of SEPCO according to their requirement. For this issue, SAP decided to outsource the fixed asset management function. For this purpose, they contacted the iCONSULT, this process continued and iCONSULT started looking for vendors for this service. They did their long market research and after finally reached us for this specific service. They demanded the presentation of our PearlERP and got satisfied with our product which led them to assign this project to us.

Key challenges

  • Digitalization of fixed assets
  • Data entry of the whole record of the past 22 years into the system from legacy manual workbooks.

Gap Analysis

After identifying the key challenges, we started our gap analysis to gather data about the feasibility of the system for SEPCO, and to know in deep about their expectations from us regarding our product to have a better knowledge of our client to deliver them in the best possible way. For gap analysis following mediums were used:-

  • Interviews were conducted at different levels for better understanding.
  • The presentation was given by our officials about our product and took feedback from them whether they are satisfied with the existing product or they need any kind of customization in it.
  • IT staff of SEPCO was working closely with us because, in the end, they will be using this new system, so their interviews and feedback gave us complete thinking of the system.
  • After getting approval from officials of SEPCO, we moved towards the system development phase.

System development

Due to the complexity of the system and data entry, the Fixed Assets management module was customized as per the instructions of the client.


After the development phase, the next phase the implementation and it was the toughest one. The reason was the whole record of 22 years was in manual form and there was a major problem of misreading things because of cutting and irregularity. After the hardworking of months, our team was finally able to make the whole system error-free with the perfection of data.


The outcomes of this project can be measured by the fact that currently, SEPCO is using our PearlERP. In addition to this, they also invited us there for the proper training of their employees. We are always available for our clients with our expertise, skills, and up to date technological assistance. Pearl Solutions thinks that our success is when our client’s business is booming and making stable growth in the market place. We are always there to support them technologically whenever they need us.

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