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  • System go live : 01 Jan 2015
  • Modules :
    • Inventory
    • Accounts
    • Payroll
    • Sale/purchase
  • Client : AKSA-SDS

Introduction of AKSA-SDS

AKSA is a well-known software, hardware, and product development company with their head office in Islamabad, Pakistan. Their expertise covers a wide range of in-house capabilities extending from software applications development, embedded systems programming, hardware design and development to board level designing.They offer type specific as well as general solutions at domestic platforms along with international market. They have a wide array of satisfied clients ranging from Avionics to Retail market. AKSA-SDS employs more than 200 professionals in diverse domains including RF, Embedded Systems, Mechanical, Power, Information Security and Enterprise Software Development.

Key Challenges

There were many challenges that AKSA-SDS was facing, some of them are:-

  • The volume of data was huge, and they were unable to handle this manually, so they decided to move towards ERP.
  • Monthly payroll management was the most critical problem faced by AKSA.
  • With a history of some awful experiences and some confidential product development, they need a trustworthy implementation partner with a customized solution.

Gap Analysis

After identifying the key challenge, our experts conducted the gap analysis to determine the current situation and how to design a solution to solve these problems. For this process, interviews and meetings were held, and some customizations were done in PearlERP. A prototype was shared with AKSA-SDS for their approval. After examining our recommendations from every dimension, their ERP coordinator gave us go ahead for system development.

System Development

The system development begins with the list of customizations required in PearlERP. Another list was made of all the components which can be implemented without any modifications. Based on preference, the development of all the needed customizations was started and agile methodology was followed. The client’s representative was in complete coordination with Pearl Solutions for proper system development as per their requirement.


Implementation was the most crucial as well as an interesting phase of ERP

  • Financials lie at the heart of any enterprise, whether it is a government corporation or a not-for-profit organization or any other kind. So, we focused ourselves to this core module and started implementation of accounts module of PearlERP. Starting with, a chart of accounts was suggested. Slight modifications were done by the accounts department of AKSA-SDS and then it was imported in the system. Once done, cost centers and other analysis types were defined and configured.
  • Every organization has a different set of rules for its human resource. Hence the payroll policies differ from case to case. That is why the payroll module is usually customized according to the client’s policy. The key challenge areas were.Different levels of employees with different pay scales.

    • Daily wages and monthly wages employees.

    • Complex overtime working hours paying method.

    • Seniority based employees and their paying methods.

    • Deductions and allowances calculations.

    • Privileges to R&D staff.

  • Sale and purchase: Sales is the backbone of any business. Its like the fuel for running the organization. Along with this, purchase is a key business function to produce value added goods for sales. The main challenge was to streamline the value chain procedure with an efficient and error free system that can increase the effectiveness of the whole function as well as support the sales staff to enhance their outreach. The invoicing was completely integrated with accounts module and inventories.


    After the long and interesting implementation phase, AkSA-SDS was a happy customer of Pearl Solutions and stay connected with Pearl Solutions for support and maintenance. We are still in contact with each other and sharing our working experience as our success story clearly shows that AkSA-SDS loved working with us. The only reason why we put our best efforts for our clients is, we want our clients to need to be satisfied at the end of the day.

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