Topics that will be covered in Blogging

Following topics will be covered in blogging section of Pearl solutions’ website. To explore the topics in depth, further description of topics is also provided to clear the direction of blogging..


Evolution of ERP

o History and Stages ERP covered in past

oCurrent status of ERP and Future of ERP


o All modules that we are providing will be discussed here. In this section, over view of our modules and working of modules will be covered..

Innovation and technology

o Past innovation that are closely working with ERP and software technology will be discussed here.

o Current innovation will also be part of it.

o Future innovations that are expected and will affect the business technically will be predicted here.

Comparison based blogs

o Comparison of existing technology with past and expected in future will be part of it.

Solutions to different problems of ERP

o Common problems faced by people in using ERP’s will be discussed here.

o Solutions will be given in the form of video links, proper written form and contact us option will also be considered..

ERP for New Setups

o Guidance will be provided to those who are setting up new business and confused about ERP’s decision.

o Merits and de-merits of ERP.

o What to see in ERP for purchasing decision?

o How ERP can be compared with others to see its worth functionally as well as costly..

ERP for different industries

o Which ERP is best according to the industry you own?

o Which module is most important for specific industry?

o How industries are increasing their growth by using the ERPs?.

Trending in Pakistan

o General topic will be discussed here which are trending.

o Other than technology’s topic will also be part of it..


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